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This banner will be updated if we receive important new vendor info!
6/4/24: Wi-Fi & electricity can be purchased here.


Please read ALL of the info and complete the form below:

Vendor Info

Pride 2024

We're so excited to have you at The Big Gay PRIDE Market happening on June 15th AND 16th! We have some important details about the event below:

Contact Information

Load In Information

  • Load in will be happening during the day on Friday, June 14th (7am - 5pm) and early Saturday morning, June 15th (7am - 8am).

  • Optional restocking time will be offered Sunday morning before doors open

  • When you arrive, please check in at the vendor welcome table by the loading dock doors!

  • This is where you can drop off a raffle prize if you would like to donate one! See below for more info

  • One 8ft table and two chairs are provided per booth

  • Each booth is 10x10ft with curtains separating neighboring booths from each other

  • Feel free to bring additional tables and display items

  • If you are NOT able to load in at your assigned time, please fill out the Google Form below:


Parking Information

  • On Saturday and Sunday, vendors will have to pay $8 per car UNLESS you arrive BEFORE 8:30am!

  • 8:30am is when parking staff arrive at Alliant to start enforcing the parking policy

  • Parking fees cover the ENTIRE day -- you may come and go without paying additional parking fees

  • We appreciate your understanding with parking fees!

  • Click the button below to view the parking map:


Vendor Pre-Market Hang/Party!

  • We will be having a little vendor party Friday night in the lobby of Alliant for anyone that's interested!

  • We'll have some snacks, drinks, and a couple art projects to work on :)

  • It's going to be a super chill vibe for everyone that may be anxious (including us hehe)

  • The party/hang will be from 5pm - 7pm on Friday, June 14th!

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at

  • This hang is open to vendors and their family/friends!


Market Hours

  • The market is open to the public Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 4pm

  • HOWEVER, we will be having a special vendor and Patreon shopping hour Saturday from 9am - 10am

  • Vendors will be able to shop at each other's booths during this time!

  • Given how busy we expect it to be, we wanted to build in that time for you :)

BIG GAY MARKET 2023-26.jpg

Drag Show (18+)

  • We will be hosting a drag show featuring Cynthia Mooseknuckle on Saturday from 6 - 8pm! :D

  • Feel free to grab some dinner and then return for the drag show!

  • Tickets will be sold in advance -- you WILL need to purchase a ticket to the drag show in order to attend

  • If you have already paid for parking for the day, you will NOT be charged for parking if you leave and return for the show!

BIG GAY MARKET 2023-12_edited.jpg

Venue Security

  • The vendor halls will be LOCKED overnight

  • Please leave your booths fully assembled overnight on Friday and Saturday

  • Take all valuables (cash boxes, tablets, mobile devices. etc.) with you!


Mask Requirement

  • Sunday from 10am - 1pm will be FULLY MASKED for those who are more comfortable shopping at masked events

  • We will provide the masks for shoppers and vendors

  • We plan to either leave your masks at your booth with a welcome packet, or hand them out directly to y'all on Sunday morning :)


Promo Materials

  • Please begin promoting the event if you haven't yet!

  • The more we share the event, the more people will come and the more money you'll make :)

  • Share the link to the Facebook event here:

  • Please feel free to share market info with local media that you have connections with!

  • Please click the button below for our media packet:

Summer Market 6-15-24 full poster.jpeg

Raffle Information

  • We will be having a raffle supporting our lovely featured nonprofit: OutReach!

  • If you would like to donate an item to the raffle, please bring it with you to the market

  • It can be dropped off at the vendor welcome table where you will check in

  • Like previous markets, we will have business cards for vendors to sign when customers make purchases :)

  • When a customer makes 3 purchases from 3 different vendors, they may turn in the card for a free raffle ticket at the OutReach table in the lobby!

Outreach 2.jpeg

Take Care of Yourself!

  • Stay hydrated and drink lots of water!

  • There are plenty of water fountains to refill bottles

  • Don't forget to eat -- it can be easy to forget when you're busy chatting and vending!

  • Market officials and volunteers will do their best to provide breaks for vendors to run to the restroom or grab food

  • A vendor break room will be available for vendors who need a break from the crowd or want a snack/drink. Please see the map for its location

  • Feel free to hang out in this room as much and as long as you'd like! This room is NOT SECURE so do not leave any valuables in it 

  • Please email for disability accommodations if you haven't already!

  • We can't wait to see you there! :)

Tips for Vendors


Please complete the form below:

Vendor Info Form

After reviewing ALL of the info above, please fill out this form:

Will you be attending the vendor hang/party?

Community Expectations:

I agree to refrain from intentionally promoting, stocking, selling, gifting, or otherwise disbursing goods or materials, or speaking or acting in a manner, which may be perceived as discriminatory, bigoted, or otherwise harmful to the inclusivity of the market, toward any persons, on the basis of sex; race; color; disability; sexual orientation; religion; national origin; marital status; family status; status as a victim of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, or stalking; lawful source of income; age; or ancestry ("Discrimination" or "Discriminating"). I understand that whether anything associated with me qualifies as Discrimination shall be determined by a member or agent of The Big Gay Market, LLC, ("TBGM") at their sole discretion. If TBGM determines that I am Discriminating, I understand that they may ask me to cease such behavior or remove such goods or materials from my booth. I understand that if I fail to comply with TBGM's instructions after a verbal or written notice from TBGM, I may be ejected from the market without a refund of any fee or deposit I may have paid, at the sole discretion of TBGM.

I agree that I will assume that all other persons attending the market intend to avoid Discriminating or otherwise causing harm to anyone else at the market. I agree that I will first ask the designated members or agents of TBGM, Ashley or Ollie for this market, about any item or behavior which causes me concern, discomfort, or fear but which does not threaten my life or safety or the life or safety of anyone else. I will only call emergency services to the market in situations when I reasonably believe emergency services are necessary, such as imminent danger to someone's physical well-being, and I do not believe the situation could be resolved by the intervention of an agent of TBGM. I understand that marginalized members of the community who TBGM intends to provide an open and welcoming space for at the market may face additional challenges if emergency services are present at the market, and I understand that TBGM intends to limit such presence of emergency services to the fullest extent possible.

Thank you for submitting! We'll see you soon! :)

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