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About Us

The Big Gay Market (TBGM)

The mission of The Big Gay Market is to host inclusive, welcoming, and fun maker/local business markets for the Madison community and beyond.

The Big Gay Market logo
Ollie & Ashley holding flowers and looking as cute as ever

Meet The Organizers

Ashley holding her cat and looking majestic af

Ashley Shaw Adams (she/her)

Owner of ShawPawPrints
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Ashley is a co-founder of The Big Gay Market and owner of ShawPawPrints. She is a freelance artist who enjoys painting, gardening, gaming, long distance running, and spending time with her husband and infant daughter. Community is a huge part of her life; she spends a lot of time with friends as well as supporting local artists, creators, projects, and other various endeavors. Ashley is passionate about self-expression, equal rights, and environmental preservation, and hopes to leave the world better than she found it.

Additional Ashley trivia:

  • Has 3 kitties

  • Pansexual panic

  • Has punched misogynists

  • Stereotypical pisces

  • Parent to child with special needs

Ollie DiPietro (they/them)

Owner of The Nifty Giftys Shop
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Ollie is also a co-founder of The Big Gay Market and owner of the Nifty Giftys Shop LLC. They recently finished their graduate program at the University of Wisconsin Madison, where they graduated with an MA in Gender & Women's Studies and a certificate in Leadership. They love reptiles, Queer people, and iced coffee-based drinks. You will typically find them working at Ancora Cafe, or outside poking dead things with sticks.

Additional Ollie trivia:

  • Trans, queer, quite spicy

  • Can't sit still for more than 30 seconds

  • Wants to open a pet shop one day

  • "The reptile guy"

  • Can argue with rude people and not cry!

Ollie wearing a pair of pink, strawberry cow ears and looking majestic af
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